Thursday, December 22, 2011

Taking This Week Off…

I could claim off on account of Christmas, but I don't celebrate. (Short version: there's no command in the Bible to celebrate it, and the holiday actually has pagan origins.)

No, I'm claiming this week off from any substantive blogging on account of the nasty rashes I've had all over since Sunday. At first, I figured it was irritation from my wool sweater. Then I thought it was hives, some sort of allergic reaction, but I hadn't changed my diet…

Then some of the bumps developed these little blister tops, today.

Yeah, this gal who even avoids the outdoors due to her grass allergy ended up with poison ivy for the first time in her life.

And a friend died last weekend. His memorial's this morning. He was ready to go; he'd survived his cancer for over a year longer than expected, and he was looking forward to being with the Lord.

He's left a wife and 6 kids behind, the oldest of which is newly married. The youngest will be 10 next month.

He and his family are all Christian, specifically Presbyterian. (Yes, we attend the same church.) Supportive prayers for the family from fellow Christians would be appreciated.



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