Thursday, July 24, 2014

Help Me with Fistfuls of Food—the Aleyi COOKBOOK!

A Fistful of Water will be coming out soon, and to celebrate it, I'm making a cookbook with foods and such mentioned in the Aleyi stories that are available to read online now: A Fistful of Fire, A Fistful of Earth, A Fistful of Water, “Driven by the Deadline”, “Of Her Own”, “Associated Accidents”, and “Bewildering Boundaries”.

I already have functional recipes and variants for some things, like the tapioca bread of Breidentel and Wight's licorice root tisane—but I still need to perfect recipes for others, like apple pretzel salad and barley bread. My myriad allergies mean anything I come up with may necessarily be on the creative side, but I need reference recipes to work on my own.

So of the foods you’ve seen in Aleyi so far, what are your favorite recipes?

E-mail with Recipe in the subject line, and include a link to your favorite recipe. (If it's offline-only, please include it in the e-mail, no attachments, and tell me your source for it.)

For copyright reasons, I won't be able to use anyone's recipe exactly, but if I use your recipe to help build mine, I'll give you (and your recipe's source) due credit. You'll be named (by legal name or username—your choice) and get a link to a safe-for-work website or site profile.

This cookbook won't be completely thorough because there are things that are frankly beyond my resources to make, right now, like tarragon jerky. And then the series isn't done. This is a project that I foresee being expanded, improved in the future.

But all that said, somebody has to get the cookbook first—and I'll be hosting a giveaway for that. ^_^

So what are you waiting for? Get to finding your favorite recipes for foods (and beverages) that you noticed in the released stories so far? (If you need to read them again, they can all be easily found on Wattpad, right now.)


I've been poking at the Patreon website lately, and I discovered it isn't only for music artists making videos. It's for all sorts of creatives, even writers, so I now have a page on Patreon. It's not entirely done—it needs video, for one thing—but feel free to poke about, tell me if it sounds interesting or stupid, if it is (or isn't) interesting for you. I'm not sure how effective the site is for text-only writers who don't also vlog or anything like that, but I see no harm in finding out. Hope you're doing well!

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