Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update on A Fistful of Earth

After many false starts and much confusion when my subconscious and conscious understanding of the story didn't match up, the end is in sight…

And remember that Kickstarter fundraiser I mentioned? It funded! So that means print copies will soon ensue for A Fistful of Fire and A Fistful of Earth, after my cover artist makes print-quality covers for them. (As things stand right now, the plan is for her to just recreate the cover for A Fistful of Fire in higher quality, not to change it.)

Okay, so "soon" means a month or so, since the funds from the fundraiser won't reach me for 3 weeks, and I don't expect the cover artist to start working until I can pay her, and then there's the shipping time for the proof. (The onscreen preview thing can't function on my computer.)

But I already have the the innards file almost ready for A Fistful of Fire, and then that'll be the template for the innards of A Fistful of Earth.

I'm still tweaking some things like font and page size to try to keep it both legible and as few pages as possible, but right now, it looks like the paperbacks will be 5.25x8 inches and cost $9.99 each.

I'm trying to get the price lower, but I don't see how to do that without making the book the 6x9 size, which I don't like; or by making the book a bit hard to read.

And unfortunately, CreateSpace doesn't offer mass market paperback size. Lulu does, but I'd have to charge something like $15 a copy. For a mass market paperback. Ulgh. Not happening.

So here's where we are. Thanks to those of you who donated and/or helped spread the word, and even to those of you who just help with encouragement. Everything helps. ^_^

Now pardon me while I head to work on my day job and squeeze some working on A Fistful of Earth in. (I'm a freelancer, so I don't have to worry about anyone else owning what I do "on the clock.")

I hope your week's off to a good start!


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