Thursday, December 27, 2012

Goals for the Year of 2013

The new year is around the corner (Already?!), and the time has come to set goals, goals we hope to accomplish for the upcoming year.

I'm a writer and a reader, so here are some of mine:

As a reader, I want to finally read Tuesday Next series (Friends whose opinions I trust keep telling me the series is such that I'll likely love it), to finish Dracula (Yes, I write vampire fiction, and I've never finished reading Dracula), and to read more frequently in Spanish. (I realized my Spanish isn't half bad when I can read a technical article on em dashes and understand what I'm reading, although I don't know all the jargon yet.)

As a writer, I'm looking on my huge list of to-do projects and forcing myself to take deep breaths while I pick what's to to worked on now, leaving the rest to be tabled for later.

Projects I aim to finish in 2013 (with "finish" meaning "write, edit, and publish"):

  • Know Thy Frienemy
  • A Fistful of Water
  • A Fistful of Air
  • Lost Her Magic, Hates to Dance
  • the short stories I've already planned out for Nirmoh and Wight
  • two more collections featuring Lyn Burgess (and doing a better cover for that one…)
  • the two planned sequels to “The Nymph and the Goblin”
  • the short stories I've already planned out for Emris and Ember (I really love those "E", "M", and "R" sounds, don't I?)

I'm hoping to also finish the story of Manal and Conláed (The Cripple and the Hawk), but that list already contains a good 300k words, so I don't want to plan too much and overwhelm myself. I suspect that if I plan small enough, I'll be able to finish all the aforementioned goals within a year.

But here's the thing about me being a self-publishing author with a blog:

I'm going to let your requests influence my story queue.

Know Thy Frienemy (sequel to Destiny's Kiss) almost has the first draft done, and the way that one's written, I don't see much revision being needed. Most of the delay before publication will likely come from the detail checks—anybody fluent in modern Greek?—but it's going to betas soon.

Once that e-mail's sent, I'll be working on A Fistful of Water.

But after that… I'm not sure, thanks to the popcorn kittens.

I so I put it to you: What story or stories—either that you've read or seen me mention—do you most want to see or see continued?

And, more importantly:

Do you have any reading/writing goals for the upcoming year?


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