Friday, March 22, 2013

First Draft Fridays Continue…

I've gotten more sections posted on Thrice Uncharmed, which has morphed from a sweet romance into a clear dystopian. Trilogy. That gets kinda creepy (in my opinion).


Anyway, I'm over halfway through the story (it's planned to end up straddling the novelette/novella line, in the 15k–20k word range). And I'm halfway through the next section, so that might get up today, too.

The blurb has been updated to reflect the genre change, too, and I've started the synopsis and drafted the blurb for the next two.

So if you're interested in reading the first draft of a YA sci-fi/dystopian story (which wasn't what I'd intended to write, but oh, well), you can find it over on Wattpad.

If not, well, don't check out the above link. ^_^

Have a great weekend!


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