Friday, April 12, 2013

First Draft Fridays: AFoW Update & a little contest…

Well, it's not as many words as I'd hoped it would be, but I do have a new scene up on Wattpad for A Fistful of Water.

I've found a few new songs to help me get into Geddis's head, too, so that's nice. It's all guy-fronted alternative rock and metal, though, which is good for Geddis's mood, but not so great for the setting.

And my goodness, do I have a large cast in this one! I suspect that the revisions will feature streamlining who overtly appears in scenes, because I'm not convinced I really need all those different people in the scene.

*sighs and tugs hair* A Fistful of Water is kind of a weird story to write, because I actually dislike the narrator. I feel sorry for her, and I know I'll enjoy the story at the end, and Geddis will grow and learn and become someone I wouldn't mind knowing, but as for now…


She's not exactly pleasant company.

But I can't exactly blame her for that. Objectively, I invented her. Subjectively, I can't think of one character who helps her for her own sake, at this point. Everyone who helps her is helping her because of someone else.

First person who actually helps her for her own sake is, well, going to be complicit in Geddis doing something incredibly stupid, because that person doesn't consider it her place to judge anyone else's behavior. So Geddis says "I want to do X," and this person says "Okay" and gives tips rather than saying "Are you crazy?!"

This person has already appeared in the story. First person to guess who it is gets a copy of my as-yet unreleased (and unrelated) clean paranormal romance short story "Buzz and Bunnies" or a copy of my recipe for chia seed pudding, winner's choice.

The friends who have tasted my pudding are demanding my recipe, so don't be too quick to dismiss that option. *wink*

So… Who do you think will be the primary accomplice that I've described?

You can guess from who you already know from previous books (because the character shows up in at least one of the other two), or you can check what's posted of A Fistful of Water here.


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