Thursday, June 6, 2013

News for June 2013…

First, I apologize for my blog posts lately. I've been consistently forgetting to define my terms, and I know better. Thank you for calling me out on it. (And for the nice thoughtful comments.) ^_^

Second, A Fistful of Fire has been featured on Wattpad as of last Wednesday.

Third, I've decided to post A Fistful of Earth on Wattpad, at least temporarily. I don't promise to keep it up, but the prologue's up now. Another chunk will go up tomorrow.

Fourth, A Fistful of Water seems to finally be flowing. I'll have over 5k words to post tomorrow. It may help that I finally remembered the existence of Stickk and that I'm past the midpoint, so hopefully I'm over the mid-book doldrums altogether until I hit the climax—and when that happens, Stickk should keep me from wallowing.

Fifth, I really don't get why climaxes intimidate me so much.

Sixth, I've also been hit with an idea for a Tuelzi novel to take up where A Fistful of Water lets off, so the "quartet" might end up being Fire, Earth, Water, [Tuelzi], with Air being a separate prequel. Or maybe it'll be a quintet. Kind of depends on how the books turn out. I think Tuelzi's story might be a better note to "end" the series on than Geddis's, but we'll see.

Seventh, I might have already done a cover mock-up for that one (isn't quite what I want, but it's close enough to suffice if I can't find an image that matches what I want) and be tentatively calling it A Fistful of Life

Eighth, I'm also revising Know Thy Frienemy (sequel to Destiny's Kiss, looking to have the ARC done this month and the novel done next month, though the cover isn't finalized.

Ninth, my apologies for any typos or omissions in this. I feel as if I'm forgetting something. But I can always post again.

Do you have any news (writing-related or not) that you want to share?


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