Monday, June 20, 2011

Current Release Plans

Welcome new followers! You've come from a variety of places, and I'm glad to see you!

As an independent author (translation: I self publish), I've decided I need a plan. Otherwise, I'm going to muck about and be all irregular and everything. And if I list my plan publicly, you readers are my witnesses who can harass me if I get off schedule.

So. My plan is to release 1 new story the first week of every month. That story may be anything from flash fiction to a novel, but a story a month. My goal is to release on the 1st of each month (on Smashwords, at least), unless the 1st is a Sunday. In which case, I might release the day before or after; it all depends on what's going on in life.

In fact, I already have a nice little schedule sitting on my desk. This schedule reflects my hopes and is subject to change:

  • July: Destiny's Kiss (Darkworld Chronicles; Destiny Walker: Book 1)
  • August: "Romeo & Jillian" (Tales from the Darkworld)
  • September: "Of Her Own" (Tales from Aleyi)
  • October: A Fistful of Earth (Chronicles of Marsdenfel: Book 2)
  • November: ?????
  • December: "A Summer Birthday" (Tales from the Darkworld)
  • January: [Untitled] (Darkworld Chronicles; Destiny Walker: Book 2)

Yeah, still working on that gap. And "Of Her Own" is currently on submission with "Weird Tales"; I should get their "Yay" or "Nay" in August.

As you can see, I want to release a novel every 3 months, but we'll see how that goes. If I need longer, I'll take longer—but I know my own abilities and know that such a pace is doable.

Do you have a plan for what you want to get done over the next few months? (Doesn't have to be writing or publishing.)


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