Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I gots my first blog award! I's so excited that I forgots my personhood rules on verbs!

…Well, not really, but grammar nuts like myself find such pretense funny.

The award is the Versatile Blogger Award!

I got nominated by Mireille Chester, a friendly lady who isn't freaked out when a random stranger offers to help with something. I discovered Mireille from a retweet from someone I follow on Twitter (Draven Ames, I think). I noticed she was having problems with getting her books' cover images to be able to work with e-book vendors. I figured I had enough programs on my old Mac that I might be able to figure something out.

Mireille says she's not tech-savvy, but when she told me what she'd already tried… She's a lot more computer literate than she thinks she is!

The blog award rules are simple:

  1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 5 newfound blogging buddies.
  4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

So, now for 7 random facts about myself:

  1. When I'm happiest, I listen to gothic metal; when I'm the most depressed, I listen to chipper Christian teen pop.
  2. I've been a player moderator in a big MMO you've probably heard of; but I'm not allowed to admit which one, because you have no way of verifying that I'm telling the truth. (I can't play it any longer because it crashes my poor outdated computer).
  3. I tried the WoW demo and didn't like the combat interface.
  4. I'm a devout Christian, specifically reformed presbyterian.
  5. I wish I could write "light but serious" like Shanna Swendson in her Katie Chandler series that's Harry Potter meets Bridget Jones.
  6. My friend who does wildlife rescue jokes that I'm the "squirrel whisperer", because I can often get the more skittish squirrels they rescue to trust me within minutes.
  7. I'm rice intolerant. That means I get severe pain and stomach upset from eating it. I can't have rice flour, starch, vinegar, etc—and Pringles have rice in them. I learned that the hard way.

Now for passing the award on! Woo! 5 versatile bloggers… Hm…


Darn. Only one of the folks I wanted to nominate is in a position to accept, right now, so here goes:

  1. Kait Nolan - has a day job that's full-time+, self-publishes fantasy, runs a writer blog and a cooking blog, and manages to get lots more done, too!


P.S. A Fistful of Fire's sale price has ended, but Destiny's Kiss has now been released for $2.99!

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