Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A (Kinda-Sorta) Slightly Early Blog Post…

Because I have an announcement!

Okay, if you've followed me for a while, you may remember the Thrice Uncharmed novelette, which I originally posted on Wattpad. The one that got a contract? It was originally scheduled for release in a few months…

But I was prompt about getting it through the process, right? So evidently*…

It's free today, as I write up this post—thus why I'm posting early—but I don't know when all the free days are scheduled.

*ETA clarification: It's entirely my fault that I didn't realize the story was released. I'd told Astraea Press to release the e-book whenever and wherever they liked. They probably even told me the new release date, and I forgot the change. That would not be unusual for me, because I didn't write the change down. (There is a reason my desk is a study in how many different kinds of notepad you can have.)

Isn't the cover great for the genre? I <3 it. (ETA: And I'm having a frustratingly hard time posting it… It showed earlier. Why not now? Ulgh!)

I believe it's in the KDP Select program at the moment—which, come to think of it, might mean that the official release date is still in a few months, because I requested that they limit any Select involvement to one 90-day stint. Hrm.

Anyway, I don't mind either way, and I really don't care enough to track down why, right now. (Honestly, I'm more biting my nails, because I'd thought I would have more time to figure out what to do for the print version's cover. Because if there's going to be a print version, I have to do that on my own. And I do want a print version.)

I'm also biting my nails because I'm running behind on getting Know Thy Frienemy out. (This month has resulted in two discoveries: 1. No, I really am not okay if I fail to take my feverfew. 2. A vegetarian diet makes me quantifiably unwell. I wasn't exactly trying to skip the feverfew or go vegetarian. I was experimenting. And probably had a bad ear infection, to boot.)

(That's an odd expression, "to boot". I now find myself wondering where it comes from and must post this before I go on the research tangent.)

Interestingly, the vegetarian thing made my mother ill, as well, but not as quickly as it did me, and she realized the cause sooner than I did. (In my defense, I first had to realize I was having a silent migraine and treat that before I could notice something else was wrong…)

I've also upped my vitamin D intake to 2x–4x the recommended daily allowance, but it makes me feel so much better emotionally that I'm sure my levels are still low.

How're y'all? Any news to share?


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