Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fan Girl Squee!

You may remember me mentioning steampunk fantasy author Lindsay Buroker (who also can be found on Wattpad. For the past few years, she's been working on her Emperor's Edge series, with the first book free everywhere, the second book currently getting posted on Wattpad, and the first three available free on

(Okay, so technically that's an oversimplification, since book 1 was only made free after book 3 came out, but I think you get what I mean.)

But here's where the fan girl squeeing comes in:

The final book in the current story arc came out yesterday!

Despite feeling dizzy and a bit feverish last night, I managed to read the book—well, most of it. I skipped a few pages to get to the reunion between two of the characters. I'll go back and read them soon, probably on a break from work today.

Last I knew, her plan from here is to work on one of her other series, but she's said she wouldn't mind returning to the characters. She also has a poll on her site asking which characters we'd want to see next. (Can't…decide…)

So anyway, today's post is a shameless plug for Lindsay Buroker's books. I realize I've done this before, but… I can't resist! ^_^

Her Emperor's Edge series has some comparability with my Aleyi stories—depending on what, precisely, it is you like about my Aleyi stories. But she's more, hmm, focused on external events than I tend to be.

You have any recs to share?


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