Thursday, February 6, 2014

So I've Been a Bit Busy Lately…

You may remember my short story bundle "PRIMpriety", with a novelette and two other short stories, which is set in a completely different world from my other work. The cover for that has always been…meh, at best, so I've been wanting to change it, preferably in a way that made clear who the MC was for that particular story (because I have more in that story-world).

I also had a few unreleased stories with her just sitting on my hard drive.

So a side comment from one gal I know produced the light bulb moment (…which she's done several times for me in the past few weeks…) for how I could handle the covers, so I did, and I decided to split up the stories while I was at it…

And I now have the novelette and two short stories released independently, plus two short stories on the longer end (5k words and 7k words) available. The covers still aren't fantastic, but they're better, which is what I was going for.

This particular series is fairly gruesome and has some R-rated language, so be warned.

Easiest place to see it all (and pick up the short short story I pulled out of the bundle—which may be the only one of them without the cursing) is on Smashwords.

(Speaking of Smashwords, if anybody likes clean romance, Lindsay Buroker's romantic suspense title Wounded is only $0.99, as of this writing.)

Vampires aren’t (un)dead—they’re just what result when an unseelie fae messes with a human. Most vampires don’t know about their fae origins, but Lyn’s special. So special that she's lethally allergic to sunlight, that she’s lived nearly two centuries but still has to work under the table, and that she REALLY can’t afford to be snacked on. It’s a long story. Here’s part of it.

The 3 from the bundle:

The newbies:

Unfortunately, some other things I'd intended to have ready by now haven't happened, but at least this is something. ^_^

Does this series interest you? What about the covers? Have you written/done anything lately that you'd like to share?


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