Thursday, February 20, 2014

Write? 2 Online Writer Conventions This Month (February 2014)

The first one, WANACon, has the open house tonight (Thursday, February 20) and then kicks off tomorrow, February 21st, at 12 p.m. EST. I'll be there, because I'm one of the volunteer moderators.

I didn't think to mention it last week due to the price tag ($149), which is a lot cheaper than an in-person conference. Speakers include Kristen Lamb, Kait Nolan, Jami Gold, and some other people whose names you (and I) might or might not recognize. If interested, the registration page is here.

The second conference is FREE. I just found out about 2 days ago. That one has Rachel Aaron (known for her 2k to 10k book), David Vandagriff (the guy behind the Passive Voice blog), David Gaughran, and others. I'm looking at the class list and salivating, but my grandparents are coming in town—

*blinks at screen and double-checks dates*

Hey, that's Tuesday through Thursday, next week. Grandparents aren't coming into town until Wednesday, probably evening, so I might be able to slip a class or three into my work schedule. Maybe. So maybe I'll be at that free one, too.

Does this news interest you? Do you wish I'd mentioned the first one sooner? Do you have any plans for the coming week or so that you want to share?


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