Thursday, August 7, 2014

Now Available! Twice Bold by Cara Lee

And it's only $0.99!

Sorry for the super-short post today. I had other stuff I wanted to say, but this is ending up a REALLY busy time for me, plus I got sick last weekend (funny how that always happens exactly when you don't have time for it), which is also why my newsletter is late. Agh. I've not forgotten it, I promise. Week after next should be slower… As things stand right now, even this week's Wattpad updates are gonna be delayed.

But I'm looking at the to-do list with an attitude of, "Hmm… How do I arrange these pieces to get everything done?" rather than "AHHHHHH! TOO MUCH!" So that's good. :-)

I also discovered that one of my car problems was that it needed a new battery. Replaced that today. Cost more than I hoped, but less than I feared, so that's all good.

How are you?


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