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I got started on all this "work online" stuff some years ago. In those years, I've made mistakes, wasting money on resources that weren't helpful.

But I've found some fantastic resources, too, that I find well worth the investment. I find them so worthwhile that I use them and often refer them to others. So while I admit that some of the links below are affiliate links (indicated with asterisks (*)), that's because I find them so useful that I can't help but rave about them. I assure you that I've skipped plenty a resource I wasn't sure was worth it.

That said, the below resources are useful to me. I use all these things, myself. Your mileage may vary. (Right now, I'm also focusing on things you pay for, because free resources are pretty easy to find. Worthwhile paid ones? Not so much.)

Useful Books:

  • The Freelancer's Survival Guide by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
    The single most useful book on freelancing and finances I've ever read.
    E-book – $9.99 US: Amazon US* | Smashwords*
    Print book – $24.99 US: Amazon US*
  • any of Holly Lisle's offerings
    E-books cost $0.99–$9.99: author site*

Useful Software:

Stuff 4 Covers:

  • FontSquirrel – Free fonts with commercial licenses
  • FreeImages – Free stock images! (watch model releases)
  • Kozzi* – $5 for 5 stock images per month! (currently has free trial)
  • Fotolia* – $25 for 5 stock images per month (better search options & wider selection)

Website Stuff:

As I find more resources for freelancers that I use, I'll update this list.

Do you know of any resources that you think should be on this list? What and why?


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