Thursday, November 24, 2016

What I'm Thankful For: 2016 Edition

  • God.
    I'm kinda humming “Great is thy faithfulness.” Also reminding myself of that, as certain prayer requests keep get answered with "Not yet. Soon." I'm well past tired of some of this.

    I have realized I have some weird gifts, which have had enough independent verification at this point that Occam's Razor says they're real. Physical and tactile empathy are weird, y'all. But being able to tell a friend has an ear infection before her ear starts hurting is useful, when she bothers to do something about it before the doctor catches it… (Note that I am not talking about being psychic or trucking with demons.) Although I'm not quite sure yet what God wants me to do with these gifts, I am thankful for them, and I use them for others' benefit, when possible.
  • Life.
    …also humming that "I'm alive!" bit from "All Around Me" by Flyleaf. I don't even particularly like that song, but I am alive.
  • Winter.
    Winter means allergies finally have relief, yay! That means I can think without fugue, walk, move, and breathe a lot better than I've been able to.) There seems to be some atrophy, but that'll happen when you've been unable to walk for most of a year, and honestly my adrenal glands are still the worst of it, I think. They're better than they were,though.
  • Family that lost me.
    So, although my immediate family is apparently still of the attitude displayed in the comments on this post, and although my step parent's family seems inclined to ignore me, my parent-who-raised me's family is quite lovely. Funny how similar I am in personality to her sibling that she was most vehement about keeping me away from. We're both logical/analytical folks who love discussion. And wouldn'tchya know, allergies to raspberries and strawberries actually run in the family? [gasp] >_>
  • Family that found me.
    Speaking of which things a certain someone actively kept me from, I have another biological parent…who has apparently been looking for me all my life, didn’t even know if I was alive. Parent-who-found-me's version of events makes more sense and fits what evidence and paper trail I've found a lot better than the parent-who-raised-me's version.

    Also worth noting that, if parent-who-found-me could figure out how to send me a message via the Internet and he didn't even know my surname, parent-who-raised-me and anyone else claiming they can't contact me are blowing a load of hot air. (Unless they're a particular person whom I've told point-blank in writing not to contact me. Funny how he's not yet managed to conveniently forget that.) Pointing this out for the sake of folks familiar with that situation who are reading this.
  • My half-siblings.
    I have some half-siblings on that parent-who-found-me's side, all at least a decade younger than me. It's kinda weird, but they're cute! (Speaking of whom, I need to send some young un's a FB sticker…)
  • My FOC and other friends.
    I have a large Family Of Choice that is far kinder and more encouraging than immediate family ever was. Others have always been kinder to me than immediate family, insisting that everyone treats their family worse than their friends because they know them too well. Newsflash: That's bullshit.

    (No, seriously. Family does not "Know you so well that they necessarily treat you worse than others." That's a bullshit justification used to excuse reviling and other abuse, all of which is condemned in the Bible. If you think I'm full of bullshit, there is a dearth of love in your family, on your side, theirs, or both.)
  • The Internet.
    With the Internet, I can be trapped inside and still do things. I can also post things like this thankfulness post in public. :)
  • My fans.
    Whether you follow me here or on Wattpad or on AO3 or on Twitter or on Patreon, I am thankful for you and I thank you. You encourage me when I'm down and my friends aren't available.

Thank you so much for your support, encouragement, and prayers, folks. I pray you all are having a great holiday, and preferably not a lonely one.

Now, if I could just find my glasses… Kitty, where did you put them? I'm blind without them, dear. [Update: Found 'em! Yay!]

What are YOU thankful for?

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