Saturday, March 5, 2016

And This Is Why Allergies Suck

A friend got me a bag of "exotic" root veggie chips, featuring taro, parsnip, sweet potato, and batata. No carrots or tomato or rice, and the listed oils are all ones I'm fine with—great! ^_^

So yesterday morning, while working, I grabbed the bag and started munching as a snack.

After one of each chip, I had a funny taste in my mouth…and I started having a faint urge to gag—which, in itself, is highly unusual. I'll have food poisoning or the stomach flu and not even feel an urge to.

I figured the batata didn't agree with me, but which chip was the batata? That purple-striped one was the taro…

After another round of chips, the roof of my mouth felt weird and tingly. No big deal. I get weird sensation issues pretty often, so…

The tingling moved down my throat, affecting my ability to swallow, and also hopped in my arms and started creeping up towards my chest. It felt as if the nerves or muscles were misfiring or something.

Well, crap, I thought. This isn't good.

I sought my Benedryl, a task made more difficult by the effort it was taking to move my arms and fingers. I couldn't find it in my purse, so I had to stumble over to the medicine basket and find it there.

Took a chew tab, which relieved what I was feeling in my throat and stopped the progression of whatever was up with my arms. Ate something, which seemed to keep me from crashing as hard. Ultimately took another chew tab. Crashed and slept…and slept…and woke up hungry, my cat curled up against my stomach.

I've eaten and slept again, since, and I'm still weak and crabby. The reaction was closest to my reaction to carrot, and it's been quite a while since I had taro, so I can't be sure if I reacted to the batata, parsnip, or taro. I hope it's the batata. I like the other two.

Allergies suck.

But there's no fugue, and I don't feel as ill as I usually do after a bad allergy incident. Progress! ^_^

How're y'all?


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